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September 2014 Archives

What are the consequences of a theft conviction in Louisiana?

As usual, there is no one answer to a question about the consequences a Baton Rouge defendant may encounter following a criminal conviction. Louisiana theft laws are easily misinterpreted. Theft is stealing, but the way you do it and what you take determine how serious the crime is.

Louisiana mother fears boyfriend penned threatening letter

Many people in Louisiana probably have heard the terms "reasonable suspicion" and "probable cause" used without fully understanding their meanings. If you are ever suspected of a crime or arrested, those terms become very important to a criminal defense.

Is there any real defense against a Louisiana DWI charge?

The question is asked in a negative way to reflect how many Baton Rouge defendants feel after being charged with an alcohol-related crime. Maybe you were pulled over, several hours after having a glass of wine with dinner, and felt slightly uncertain about your blood alcohol content level. Maybe a police officer interpreted a brief stumble in a field sobriety test or a nervous response as impairment.

Shoplifting can have harsh consequences in Louisiana

If you think retail theft has few consequences, consider losing the job of your dreams because an employer isn't sure whether to trust you. No one wants a criminal record to interfere with future goals. In some states, penalties for shoplifting can be similar to fines paid for traffic violations, but depending upon circumstances, shoplifting has the potential to strip you of freedom and mark you for life.

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