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Louisiana shop owner accused of prescription drug trafficking

A Baton Rouge defendant may feel unsure how to react following an arrest and allegations of criminal wrongdoing. It's understandable for anyone moving through the unfamiliar, overwhelming legal process not to know what to do. The first and best response is to retain a criminal defense attorney.

An East Feliciana Parish man was arrested following a three-month probe into the store operator's business practices. The owner of My Fair Mart in Slaughter was charged with dealing illegal prescription drugs out of his store. Drugs allegedly were found in the shop and at a Pride location, where investigators said the man was preparing to open a second shop.

Agents from the Delta Narcotics Task Force claimed the 45-year-old shop owner illegally sold hydrocodone and a variety of other prescription medications. The man reportedly conducted the transactions from behind the counter. Drugs purchases were made with cash, traceable debit and credit cards and possibly customer checks and food stamp cards.

Authorities stated they found 85 hydrocodone tablets near a stolen gun behind the My Fair Mart counter and cathinone in a storage room. A search of the unopened Pride store apparently uncovered hundreds of additional pills including more hydrocodone, Alprazolam and morphine.

The man was arrested on charges stemming from the Slaughter search and seizure -- possession of a stolen firearm, weapon possession while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance, Schedule I drug possession and possession of Schedule II drugs with intent to distribute. Separate drug distribution charges are being filed in East Baton Rouge Parish over findings at the Pride shop, with other arrests possible.

A lawyer cannot provide services until contact is made. Timing is critical to avoid mistakes when dealing with authorities, preserve civil rights and obtain release. A defendant can be swept along in the system with a less-than-clear understanding of charges or legal options, without the assistance of an attorney.

Source: The Advocate, "Convenience store owner booked with distributing drugs in Slaughter," June 26, 2014. 

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