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July 2014 Archives

Louisiana government worker charged with stealing gasoline

Theft is a catchall term for taking something of value from someone else, either directly without permission or by fraudulent means. Theft can be a misdemeanor or felony charge depending upon the value of a stolen item, the method used to steal and the alleged victim. All theft allegations can cause turmoil for a Baton Rouge defendant and, in some cases, long-term consequences.

Plea deal reduces 16 mail fraud charges to 2 for Baton Rouge man

By the time a Louisiana resident is notified he or she is part of a federal investigation, the government has already had substantial lead time to gather evidence and prepare to prosecute. Allegations of white collar crimes are serious charges with equally devastating penalties. You don't have to wait to be a defendant to need legal protection.

DWI involvement questioned in Baton Rouge fatal crash case

Many decisions depend upon the outcome of an investigation into the cause of a Baton Rouge motor vehicle accident. Insurance claims, criminal charges and civil lawsuits hinge on the reasons for a crash. Physical evidence, witness statements, toxicology test results and testimony are a DWI defendant’s entire future.

Louisiana shop owner accused of prescription drug trafficking

A Baton Rouge defendant may feel unsure how to react following an arrest and allegations of criminal wrongdoing. It's understandable for anyone moving through the unfamiliar, overwhelming legal process not to know what to do. The first and best response is to retain a criminal defense attorney.

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