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June 2014 Archives

Baton Rouge battery blamed on Louisiana college cornerback

A criminal history can haunt a Louisiana defendant long into the future. A felony charge will close a lot of doors, even before a defendant has had the opportunity to try the door knobs. Educational advancement, career success and housing options may be in jeopardy.

Louisiana relatives face equal penalties for tax fraud charges

The Internal Revenue Service comes down hard on individuals and businesses that break tax laws. While the government has a right to expect every dime of taxpayer revenue due, federal prosecutors can level serious allegations against Baton Rouge residents who simply make honest mistakes. That's why personal or business IRS audits inspire such fear even when accused individuals know they are innocent.

Guilty pleas for relatives in $1 million Baton Rouge drug bust

Evidence can be suppressed when law enforcement officials fail to follow proper protocol. Arrests and searches and seizures must be conducted without violating a Louisiana defendant's rights. Details like these may seem insignificant to authorities and may be overlooked by defendants, but they can be critical to a criminal defendant's case.

Fraud claim filed after Louisiana fund manager's suspension

The earlier a criminal defense attorney enters a case, the more positive a legal outcome may be for a Baton Rouge defendant. White collar crime defendants who wait to be charged may lose an opportunity to avoid charges. Misunderstandings by the government may be straightened out before any indictment occurs.

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