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May 2014 Archives

Baton Rouge misdemeanor jail may open in August

Miss a day in court over an overdue traffic ticket and you could end up in jail. That's the reality facing Baton Rouge residents since the state legislature passed a measure approving the creation of a misdemeanor jail in East Baton Rouge Parish. The bill is just a governor's signature away from approval and an August effective date.

Mistrial forces new trial in Baton Rouge hit-and-run case

Because defendants are presumed innocent until guilt is proven, prosecutors are responsible for presenting evidence to support the state's case. A Louisiana jury then assesses whether evidence is sufficient to convict. A conviction is impossible when jurists do not agree a defendant is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

Baton Rouge doctor adds guilty plea to others in Medicare case

Health care providers understand how complex Medicare rules are. Billing departments are required to stay on top of law changes and restrictions to avoid triggering a fraud investigation accidentally. Federal Medicare fraud investigators, prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers also can't do their jobs without extensive knowledge of the intricacies of Medicare laws.

New charges surface ahead of Baton Rouge man's fraud sentencing

Whether a Louisiana defendant faces state or federal charges, it's up to prosecutors to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed. Reams of evidence may be presented in a white collar crime case, but it's up to a jury to decide whether the proof is worthy of a conviction. Allegations are only claims until they have been proven or a defendant pleads guilty.

East Baton Rouge Parish traffic stop leads to confession, arrest

The Constitution's Fourth Amendment protects Louisiana residents from illegal searches and evidence seizures. Evidence obtained improperly by police, no matter how important to the state's case, can be banned from use at trial. Granting permission to perform a search and making statements before consulting with an attorney can compromise a defendant's case.

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