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April 2014 Archives

Louisiana drug courts use treatment to curb DWI recidivism

Media reports often paint intoxicated drivers as malicious individuals with no regard for the safety of other humans. Certainly, Baton Rouge drivers are responsible for choices to drink alcohol before driving. When a person is addicted to alcohol or other substances, whether or not the individual is aware of it, the disease may be influencing the decision to drive drunk or drugged.

4 theft arrests follow Baton Rouge restaurant fraud probe

A training period follows an employee's hiring, under the supervision of a manager or a co-worker. New workers follow instructions and do what they're told, often without questioning why. Employees assume business practices are legal and may not know when they aren't.

Serious drug charges filed against deputy in West Baton Rouge

One reason many Louisiana criminal defendants feel so disoriented after an arrest is lack of knowledge. Most people have never been exposed to the legal process and may imagine it to be, through the influence of television or movies, something entirely different than it really is. Fear is a common reaction when you don't know the obstacles ahead.

Baton Rouge shop owners raided, charged after overdose scare

A public outcry over crime can motivate law enforcement agencies and lawmakers to act swiftly. The quick response -- arrests and hurriedly signed bills -- satisfies the public need for action. On the other side of the story may be defendants, caught up in the zeal of a manhunt, suddenly facing allegations and possible serious consequences.

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