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March 2014 Archives

Baton Rouge defendant admits guilt in bogus trust fund scheme

Plea agreements are bargains struck between prosecutors and defendants. A government benefits from agreements because a trial is avoided, reducing expenses for a court and effort for prosecuting attorneys. The defendant's bargaining chip is a guilty plea, although skillful defense negotiations can result in fewer or lighter charges and penalties.

Shirt-pulling incident lands Baton Rouge teacher in jail

Assault and battery are often linked, as if the two words mean the same thing. The terms have important differences, especially for Louisiana defendants facing one of these criminal charges. Under Louisiana laws 14:35 and 14:38, assault and battery are violent crimes, although assault may occur without any actual contact.

Baton Rouge agency owner charged with Medicaid fraud

A conviction on some criminal charges couples prison time with other severe consequences. Penalties for violations of federal health care programs are detailed and lengthy in U.S. Code 1320-a: 7-b. In short, a Medicare or Medicaid fraud charge has the potential to ruin a defendant's professional standing and finances.

Video showed Louisiana mom buying alcohol before son's party

Baton Rouge juveniles aren't convicted of crimes unless they're tried and found guilty in adult courts. Minor wrongdoing is called delinquency, but under Louisiana statute 14:92, parents or other adults who encourage or permit a minor's delinquent act may face criminal charges. A conviction can mean long-term consequences.

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