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Baton Rouge spouse disputes warrant saying he filed abuse claim

Regret often follows couple's arguments. Baton Rouge partners may feel sorry for harsh words and, in some cases, physical roughness. From an outside observer's viewpoint, a domestic dispute can sound and look worse than it really may be.

A local singer was taken into custody on an arrest warrant for domestic abuse battery, a misdemeanor. Witnesses allegedly saw the 38-year-old woman strike her husband outside the couple's home in December. Reports said the source of the complaint seems to be in conflict.

The warrant claims the married couple's argument started inside their home and moved outside, when the husband fled the confrontation. Neighbors saw the singer follow her spouse, grab and tear his clothes and hit him. The wife then returned to the home and later left the residence.

The husband doesn't deny the couple fought or that he was struck, but told an interviewer the warrant wasn't entirely truthful. He said the couple didn't fight over adult photographs of the singer, as the warrant claimed. The husband professed love and support for his wife, denied the complaint came from him and suggested a neighbor filed it.

The wife was charged, posted $500 bail and was released from Parish Prison. Reports did not say whether the defendant was permitted or chose to return home.

Under Louisiana Revised Statute 14: 35.3, the maximum fine for a first-time domestic abuse battery conviction is $1,000, with up to six months in jail. The law also provides a minimum fine of $300 and at least 30 days incarceration. Additional penalties may include probation, community service, enrollment in a domestic violence program and a firearms ownership and use restriction.

A domestic abuse conviction may add to problems Louisiana couples already have. No one wants an abuser to go free. At the same time, a defendant should not be convicted of a crime, when evidence of wrongdoing is flawed.

Source: The Advocate, "BR singer booked in domestic abuse complaint" Ryan Broussard, Feb. 24, 2014

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