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January 2014 Archives

Police: Baton Rouge clinic had underground painkiller trade

Penalties related to drug crimes can be extremely harsh in Louisiana, including decades of imprisonment and thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. State laws categorize controlled substances from Schedule I to Schedule IV drugs, according to the drugs' perceived danger,

Louisiana police chief gives up post in tampering plea deal

Understandably, a high priority for Baton Rouge defendants is avoiding prison. Just thinking about long-term consequences is distressing, but a strong criminal defense includes measures to prevent penalties throughout the legal process. An immediate concern for a defendant may be his or her freedom before trial. Negotiations between attorneys can eliminate or significantly reduce bail or charges. Plea agreements present an opportunity to shrink penalties down to a manageable size.

Theft, malfeasance accusations plague Louisiana school official

Defense attorneys understand clearing a Baton Rouge client's case isn't just about overcoming criminal charges. The chances of finding new employment are very poor following a conviction for a job-related financial crime. A damaged or destroyed reputation saps the life out of family, social and business standings and can lead to personal financial ruin.

Drugged driving blamed for Louisiana Christmas fatality

Articles 893 and 894 in the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure allow defendants charged with certain crimes to avoid convictions, provided that court orders are satisfied. A guilty plea is suspended while the defendant fulfills the plea agreement conditions. At the completion of probation, community service or other penalties, charges may be dropped. Baton Rouge defendants who do not live up to the terms of the court agreement may have the sentence suspension revoked. The guilty plea would take effect with consequences, as if the article was never invoked.

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