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December 2013 Archives

Baton Rouge man fights industrial pollution conspiracy charges

Louisiana laws do not classify the most serious crimes the same way other states or the federal government does. A specific number of offenses are considered felonies, including crimes of violence, repeat theft or DUI convictions.

Louisiana ex-trooper faces trafficking and other charges

The consequences of an arrest and criminal accusations are often swift and harsh. Instant personal communication will transmit an alleged wrongdoing to the public well before the news reaches radio or television. A family, employer or entire community may have a strong, immediate negative response.

Database fraud trial of ex-ATC head opens in Baton Rouge

Proving that someone committed a crime often involves prosecutors showing the motivation behind the alleged offense. It's not enough to show a criminal act took place. Intent, like personal or financial benefits, also must be evident to a jury for a conviction to be obtained.

Louisiana man accused of DUI fatality in East Coast SUV crash

It is disorienting enough to be accused of a crime in the state where you live. The confusion and stress multiples when you are in an unfamiliar place. A Louisiana criminal attorney may not be able to represent you in another state's court, but it's likely he or she has strong legal contacts who can ensure your rights are protected.

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