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Suspected burglar nabbed before his hearing on homicide charges

Freedom is a top priority for Baton Rouge defendants in criminal cases. Criminal defense attorneys work hard to ensure defendants spend as little time behind bars as possible, starting with the first allegations.

Although moving through the legal process can be stressful, defendants free on bail enjoy advantages they'd never have in jail, including comforts and the immediate support of loved ones. A defendant's behavior while awaiting a hearing or trial must be exemplary. Criminal charges are enough to contemplate without adding to your troubles.

A young Covington man, preparing to stand trial on a vehicular homicide charge, was caught trying to burglarize a home, apparently not far from where the defendant lived. Authorities said the attempted break-in occurred the same morning the man was scheduled for a court hearing.

A Covington resident reported seeing a man smash the glass in the back door of his home. The homeowner's presence caused the would-be burglar to run away. The house owner described the man and his clothing to officers, who arrived within minutes of incident.

Local Neighborhood Watch residents pointed the officers toward a house not far away, where the alleged burglar apparently fled. The occupants of the second house told police the suspected burglar dropped by briefly to change his clothes, before heading to court.

Officers arrested the man at the courthouse after the 21-year-old defendant confessed to the failed burglary. The defendant was only a few weeks away from trial for a fatal auto-pedestrian accident when he was arrested for the second crime. He was jailed on $20,000 bond.

Prior convictions are used as evidence in some criminal trials, although defense attorneys do everything possible to make sure they are not. A criminal history influences sentencing after a new conviction, especially when the same offense is repeated. For the best possible defense, don't hide past experiences with the law from your attorney.

Source: nola.com, "Covington man arrested on attempted burglary charge while in court for vehicular homicide hearing" Heather Nolan, Oct. 29, 2013

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