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October 2013 Archives

FBI: Ex-Baton Rouge producer sold fake movie tax credits

Allegations of theft in Louisiana apply to everything from snatched purses and stolen cars to elaborate fraud. The value of the allegedly stolen object determines the seriousness of the charges and, with conviction, the punishments that follow.

Louisiana game officials arrested during high school matchup

Sports rivalries don't appear for the first time when players reach the professional level. Intense competition often begins before players become adults. If you've ever attended a Louisiana high school football game, you know how heated things can get on the field and in the stands.

Accused Louisiana robber identified by tattoo, bike on video

The sentence following a conviction for armed robbery in Louisiana depends on multiple factors. A severe punishment, even life imprisonment, is possible when other convictions, especially violent crimes, are in your past. Other factors are the value of stolen property and injuries inflicted, if any, upon victims.

Louisiana judge: Mother's neglect did not justify murder charge

The public's urge to strike out to identify a killer is sometimes stronger than the evidence to support criminal charges. Behavior and intent are crucial considerations when determining whether a person is accused of a crime, especially when charges are as serious as murder.

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