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Labor Day influences efforts of state troopers

The risks of drinking and driving are well-known, but some people still need to be reminded of these dangers as Labor Day approaches. Many people in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will be drinking during this holiday because a number of businesses are closed to allow people to celebrate. These celebrations can contribute to a recipe for disaster when combined with getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, though, and law enforcement agencies across the state are aware of this. That is why there will be a crackdown on drinking and driving during the holiday weekend.

Known as the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign, Louisiana State Police will be targeting individuals suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol by increasing the presence of officers and checkpoints on roads throughout the state. Individuals charged with driving while intoxicated or DWI supposedly have the responsibility of a $1,000 burden that is associated with legal fees and court costs. Having a DWI conviction on your record can make it more difficult to get a job and can result in a suspended driver's license. According to an official with the state police, troopers see too many accidents involving individuals who drink and drive. Data suggests that 40 percent of fatal accidents in Louisiana involve someone who had consumed alcohol before the crash.

An individual with Mothers Against Drunk Driving spoke about the crackdown campaign, calling it necessary, and adding that victims of DUI crashes often feel the pain of their losses for years to come. This is why authorities are stepping up to the plate - they will be much more vigilant about potential drunk drivers during the days to come. Not only can choosing to drink and drive save you money, it can also save your life and those of others on the road.

Source: 33 News, "Louisiana State Police cracking down on drinking and driving" Lauren McCoy, Aug. 16, 2013

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