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Man accused of dealing drugs gets six years instead of 15

Drug charges can be a tough crime to defend against, especially if the authorities have the suspect seemingly pinned with evidence. In this case, it may be best for a defense team to attempt to have the sentence lessened from the desired penalty of the prosecution. Attorneys who specialize in criminal defense often know when to make this call and it can prove very beneficial for defendants as it did in the recent case for an individual charged with dealing drugs.

The man, who was accused by many in his community to be a criminal and a major contributor to its drug culture, is now behind bars. Criminal charges were filed against the 33-year-old man after he reportedly sold hundreds of dollars' worth of crack cocaine to informants last summer. A raid on his rental car and mobile home led to the discovery of thousands of dollars in cash and cocaine. Other drugs were reportedly present at the scene, including prescription pills, ecstasy and marijuana.

Officers reported that the 33-year-old ran to his bedroom and was reaching for something under his bed when the raid occurred. It is unclear what the item was, but the ensuing altercation resulted in an officer breaking his hand after punching the defendant in the neck. The 33-year-old was charged with resisting an officer causing bodily harm, one of the 13 charges filed against him. He pleaded guilty to only two of the charges; the aforementioned one as well as possession with intent to deliver cocaine.

Prosecutors sought a 15-year prison sentence, but the man's attorney argued that the 33-year-old was a good case for rehabilitation. The defendant has been enrolled in classes that are designed to hone his education as well as his recovery and ability as a parent. Instead of being slapped with the 15-year sentence, he received a six-year sentence with three years of extended supervision. He will also serve 15 years on probation, giving him ample opportunity to prove that he is not as bad of a person as the prosecution may have made him out to be.

Source: La Crosse Tribune, "Drug dealer gets 6 years in prison" Anne Jungen, Jul. 02, 2013

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