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Police conduct drug sting at recent event

Entertainment events often attract hordes of crowds to the same location for similar purposes. One such event recently held is Scrapin' The Coast, an event held in Mississippi. According to reports, more than a dozen people were taken into custody, several of them from nearby Louisiana. Authorities accused these individuals with varying drug charges, some allegedly in possession of drugs while others were supposedly intending to sell them.

Police reported that fourteen people were taken into custody at the event, more than half of them from Louisiana. Authorities also indicated that each of the individuals were spectators, having come to the event. Four people were arrested on charges of possession of marijuana: three males; ages 20, 20 and 22; and one female, age 20. Only one of these individuals was from Mississippi, the rest being from New Orleans, Marrero, and Hammond, Louisiana. Each of the defendants had a bond of $335 for their alleged crimes.

Reports indicate that police had planned a drug bust at the event and called the operation "90 to Nothing." The arrests of the individuals occurred on U.S. 90 at viewing locations for the event. Two of the 14 people taken into custody will be charged as juveniles, according to authorities. Allegations suggest that the police believe the two juveniles were selling marijuana and spice, independently of one another. The others will all be charged as adults. One individual has been accused of selling ecstasy and possessing Tramadol with intent to distribute. Another has been charged with possessing counterfeit crack cocaine with intent to distribute.

There are a number of drug charges involved in this matter. If you have been accused of possessing, distributing or selling illegal substances, it would be intelligent to speak with an attorney who specializes in criminal defense. A legal professional can be extremely important to a defendant. Be sure to note that speaking with an attorney about your case does not mean you are guilty of the matter in question.

Source: Sun Herald, "Biloxi police, MBN arrest 14 in '90 to Nothing' drug operation" Robin Fitzgerald, Jun. 24, 2013

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