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Police believe alcohol was factor in fatal crash

Police have alleged that a woman who was recently involved in a fatal accident was under the influence of alcohol while she was behind the wheel of a vehicle. Interestingly, she was not driving her own vehicle. Instead, she was driving a car -- a Pontiac G6 -- that had been placed in her custody by a unit from the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Department. The crash happened in Norco, Louisiana, a little after 2:30 a.m.

Reports indicate that the car involved in the crash was part of a stop made by sheriff's deputies earlier in the night, around 10:40 p.m. Deputies reported to LaPlace, Louisiana, after a disturbance had been reported. The Pontiac and its three occupants were stopped by authorities in the parking lot of a daiquiri shop. An outstanding warrant was discovered when police ran the name of the driver so she was taken into custody. Police then relinquished the vehicle to the two other occupants and let them go.

The next four hours are unclear. Allegations from the Louisiana State Police indicate that the woman may be charged with drinking and driving. This would likely mean that she and the other occupant of the Pontiac were drinking during the time between the stop and the crash. Regardless, police said that the vehicle drifted across the median and into oncoming traffic, reportedly causing the accident that is at the heart of this matter. Three people, including the man in the Pontiac, were killed in the crash.

The other vehicle involved in the incident was a 2001 Honda. One of its occupants was a pregnant woman. The driver of the Pontiac -- not the owner -- remained in a hospital the day following the accident. When she is released, reports indicate that she will be charged in St. Charles Parish. Those looking deeper into her past noted that she had a driving history that included previous drunk driving offenses. This could make her case a tough one, thus why she will likely get a lawyer to help her defend herself against any accusations.

Source:  WDSU, "Car in deadly wreck involved in deputy stop hours earlier" No Author Given, Jun. 03, 2013

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