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June 2013 Archives

Police conduct drug sting at recent event

Entertainment events often attract hordes of crowds to the same location for similar purposes. One such event recently held is Scrapin' The Coast, an event held in Mississippi. According to reports, more than a dozen people were taken into custody, several of them from nearby Louisiana. Authorities accused these individuals with varying drug charges, some allegedly in possession of drugs while others were supposedly intending to sell them.

Bank fraud charges filed against two men

The unraveling of an alleged scheme to net hundreds of thousands of dollars from two banks has landed two men in the custody of police, with one of them remaining behind bars until his trial. According to the authorities, these two men - a 43-year-old and 36-year-old, both from Baton Rouge, Louisiana - managed to receive two loans from two different banks. Prosecutors believe the loans, which were intended for the opening of a business, were never going to be used for this purpose. Instead, authorities think the men were going to use the money for themselves.

Man who reportedly poisoned trees is released

A 64-year-old man was recently released from jail in Alabama to be brought back to Louisiana where the remainder of his probation will be served. The man was accused of a crime after authorities alleged that he poisoned Toomer's Oaks, a set of trees that were very important to Auburn University and its traditions. That poisoning reportedly occurred after the 2010 Iron Bowl.

Police believe alcohol was factor in fatal crash

Police have alleged that a woman who was recently involved in a fatal accident was under the influence of alcohol while she was behind the wheel of a vehicle. Interestingly, she was not driving her own vehicle. Instead, she was driving a car -- a Pontiac G6 -- that had been placed in her custody by a unit from the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Department. The crash happened in Norco, Louisiana, a little after 2:30 a.m.

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