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Woman accused of manslaughter is later accused of drug charges

According to reports, a 38-year-old woman was recently jailed after posting bond for another crime she has been accused of. Her most recent run-in with the law involved her and two other women, both 26 years old. According to law enforcement officials, the three women were found with merchandise that had allegedly been stolen from stores between New Orleans and Thibodaux, Louisiana. After being taken into custody in Lafourche Parish, an inventory was performed of her belongings and the prescription drug Ambien was found. Drug charges were then filed against her.

In addition to theft of goods, the woman was booked with taking contraband to or from a penal institution; possession, distribution or sale of a pharmaceutical drug without a proper prescription; and illegal possession of Ambien. One of the 26-year-olds was also charged with taking contraband to or from a penal institution. The "contraband" found on her allegedly included marijuana because she was also charged with first-offense possession for the drugs as well as possession of tools for a crime.

The 38-year-old's story is an interesting one, though. According to records, the woman has been accused of manslaughter due to her husband's death. Her husband, also 38 when he died, was killed on October 31 of last year. Police believe that the 38-year-old woman stabbed the man in his left thigh with a kitchen knife. The man died from blood loss in the apartment they shared in New Orleans. Initially, the police classified the man's death as a justifiable homicide. But in April, the wife was charged with manslaughter.

She claimed that the killing was in self-defense, alleging that she was abused by her husband. During her arraignment, the woman pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Less than a week later, she posted bond and was released. But less than a month after that, she was involved in this theft and drug scandal, potentially smearing her image for her manslaughter case. It is unclear what will happen to this woman, but a good criminal attorney can help her navigate the often complicated legal system.

Source:  Times-Picayune, "New Orleans woman out on bail after being charged in husband's death is jailed on drug charges" Ramon Antonio Vargas, May. 23, 2013

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