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Convicted man seeks reduced sentence in Louisiana

In March 2009, three college students lost their lives allegedly due to a man who was under the influence of alcohol. The man was reportedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that slammed into a crowd of people. His supposed drinking and driving resulted in not only three deaths, but a injuries to two others as well. Tragically, the driver knew a number of the individuals involved.

It is likely that his attorney sought a lesser sentence because of this but after being convicted, the man was still sentenced to 12 years in prison. According to reports, he is making the best of his time while there though. He is reportedly working on a degree and assisting other inmates with their educations. Though he is doing all of this, it seems that many of the victims' loved ones have still not forgiven him. Some of them showed up to a recent hearing for the man where he requested that his sentence be shortened.

According to reports, the man was asking for a reduction in his sentence that would account for the time he spent being electrically monitored. It is unclear how the judge will rule on his request, but what is clear is how many of the victims' relatives feel. According to them, whatever he does in prison makes no difference because it does not bring those that have lost their lives back from the dead. A grandfather of one of the victims seemed to resent the fact that he was getting an education because his granddaughter no longer is capable of receiving one. His granddaughter was 19 years old when she died. The other two victims were 23 and 24.

But the man's attorney fought for him, saying that he is being rehabilitated as is intended by the incarceration system. He also added that the things he is doing in prison are "phenomenal."

Source:  WDSU News, "Drunken driver convicted in student deaths seeks reduction in sentence" No Author Given, May. 01, 2013

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