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Arrest of 73-year-old man comes after cold case was reopened

Investigators from Louisiana believe they have found the man responsible for the death of his wife in October 1962. According to reports, criminal charges have been filed against the man alleging he murdered his wife by choking her to death. Authorities believe he threw her body into a river in the area of Lake Charles, Louisiana. The case had supposedly gone cold and the arrest of the 73-year-old is the oldest arrest of a suspected serial killer in U.S. history.

Though no evidence regarding other deaths was discussed, there were two other women the man was the last to see: a longtime girlfriend who went missing in 1973 and another wife who disappeared in 1984. Authorities believe he killed people in both Louisiana and Mississippi. The man was recently taken into custody in Texas by the sheriff's department. Months of investigations led to his arrest.

In 1962, the man told police that his wife had fallen from the boat when he had to maneuver the boat to avoid a tree stump. She reportedly drowned in the water before he was able to rescue her. He was held by police for questioning but was released soon after. Sometime later, a grand jury heard evidence against the suspect, but the district attorney would not allow the court to consider indicting him for murder.

In May of last year though, the medical examiner confirmed the cause of death in the case was homicide. The official said it was likely she was choked before her body was thrown into the water. The case was reopened soon after. The 73-year-old is currently being held in Louisiana. It is possible he will be in custody until he faces trial.

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Source:  KGNB, "Suspected Louisiana and Mississippi Serial Killer Arrested Near Canyon Lake" No author given, May. 20, 2013

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