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May 2013 Archives

Woman accused of manslaughter is later accused of drug charges

According to reports, a 38-year-old woman was recently jailed after posting bond for another crime she has been accused of. Her most recent run-in with the law involved her and two other women, both 26 years old. According to law enforcement officials, the three women were found with merchandise that had allegedly been stolen from stores between New Orleans and Thibodaux, Louisiana. After being taken into custody in Lafourche Parish, an inventory was performed of her belongings and the prescription drug Ambien was found. Drug charges were then filed against her.

Arrest of 73-year-old man comes after cold case was reopened

Investigators from Louisiana believe they have found the man responsible for the death of his wife in October 1962. According to reports, criminal charges have been filed against the man alleging he murdered his wife by choking her to death. Authorities believe he threw her body into a river in the area of Lake Charles, Louisiana. The case had supposedly gone cold and the arrest of the 73-year-old is the oldest arrest of a suspected serial killer in U.S. history.

State authorities accuse separate women of Medicaid fraud

The Louisiana attorney general's office has accused two women and had them both arrested. According to reports, both individuals have been accused with fraud charges for allegedly abusing the Medicaid system. Officials made sure to note that the cases are not related. One of the women has been accused of eight counts of Medicaid fraud; the other has only one count.

Convicted man seeks reduced sentence in Louisiana

In March 2009, three college students lost their lives allegedly due to a man who was under the influence of alcohol. The man was reportedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that slammed into a crowd of people. His supposed drinking and driving resulted in not only three deaths, but a injuries to two others as well. Tragically, the driver knew a number of the individuals involved.

Woman pleads guilty to running unauthorized tax business

A 61-year-old woman from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was arrested and charged with two crimes that could land her in prison for up to two years and see her fined as much as $200,000. Interestingly, both of them are misdemeanor charges. The woman pleaded guilty some time after she was charged.

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