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Man seeks relief from his 12-year prison sentence

A man who pled guilty to killing three people in a drunk driving accident by Southeastern Louisiana University is hoping to have another go at his sentence. According to reports, the man was drinking and driving at the time of the accident, which happened four years ago. His conviction came in February 2011 after the 25-year-old man pled guilty to three counts of vehicular homicide. He now wants his case to be reviewed by a court.

After receiving a 12-year prison sentence, the man is now seeking post-conviction relief. He has claimed that police entered his residence on the night of the accident without a warrant, making anything he said to them invalid evidence in the case. According to reports, he confessed to the accident that took the lives of three people: a sophomore from Loranger, Louisiana; a graduate student from France; and a former football player for the school, who was once the driver's roommate.

Authorities said that the 25-year-old was drinking and driving when he struck a group of pedestrians. The group had recently left a nightclub located a few blocks from the campus and they were returning home. The three aforementioned individuals were killed and two others were injured in the crash. Reports indicate that the man then drove about 100 yards more to his residence at the time, which is where the police arrested him.

During this time, the 25-year-old supposedly confessed to the crime. This confession was then used in court as evidence and may have contributed to the man's choice to plead guilty. If this evidence was thrown out, the case may have gone another direction and his sentence -- if he received one -- could have been much different. A district attorney does not believe that the man's petition will change anything as the case has been fully litigated. It is unclear why his attorney did not bring this up during the original case or in an appeal.

Source: The Advocate, "Man who killed 3 pedestrians near SLU seeks case review," Bob Anderson, March 24, 2013

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