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State trooper accused of distributing cocaine

The Louisiana State Police have accused one of their own after an investigation into alleged crimes involving confiscated evidence. According to reports, a 42-year-old trooper that had been on the force for 18 years was taken into custody. The sergeant was accused of several crimes, including distribution of drugs and several others related to his post as a law enforcement agent.

Police believe that the 42-year-old was using his position as the evidence custodian for investigative operations in northern Louisiana to acquire drugs and other evidence that was slated for destruction. Allegations suggest that the former trooper conspired to distribute these drugs and may have had an accomplice working with him to do so.

Authorities did not begin investigating the case until last year when officers discovered information suggesting that the trooper in question was involved in illegal activity. The subsequent investigation culminated in the execution of a search warrant on the 42-year-old man's home earlier this month. During that search, authorities said they discovered a stolen weapon and almost $50,000 in cash. Other items were supposedly discovered but not reported on because they are being processed.

Officially, the 42-year-old has been charged with obstruction of justice, malfeasance in office, public payroll fraud, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and distribution of cocaine. Police believe that the trooper incorporated a 38-year-old man from Monroe, Louisiana, and used him to help move the drugs.

That reported accomplice was arrested by state troopers and charged with one count of distribution of hydrocodone and three counts of distribution of marijuana. Authorities said that the trooper may have warned the 38-year-old about being investigated, telling him to destroy evidence to conceal the crimes. An official with the Louisiana State Police said that other arrests are possible in this matter.

Everyone charged with drug crimes is given a trial in order to defend themselves. Those who believe that the charges are unwarranted should seek the assistance of an attorney so that they can make a proper case against any accusations.

Source: KSLA, "Louisiana State sergeant arrested for drug distribution," March 19, 2013

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