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February 2013 Archives

Drug raid leads to accusations of meth manufacturing

Authorities report that a six-month investigation in Natchitoches, La., has led to the arrest of two individuals. Both of these people have been accused of multiple drug charges. According to reports, they were involved in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Allegations were not made until after a raid was conducted on the home of one of the individuals - a 38-year-old man from Robeline, La.

Fraud charge turns into lawsuit against authorities

If a lawsuit is correct, authorities in Louisiana may have improperly arrested the president of a home elevation company. The company had fraud charges filed against it after a homeowner accused them of such. Those charges led to the arrest and incarceration of the company's president. He was in jail for eight hours before he was released by police. Now, the accused party has decided to sue the Sheriff's department and a detective who reportedly issued the arrest.

Suspect in New York ATM theft is caught in Louisiana

Louisiana police recently picked up an interesting suspect. The man, who was from New York, told the authorities that he was on a journey before he was taken into custody for his alleged involvement in the theft of an automatic teller machine in his home state. Having been accused of a crime, the man will remain in the custody of Louisiana police until he is extradited to New York where the rest of his case can play out.

Country singer receives punishment after DWI plea agreement

Drinking and driving has gotten many people in Louisiana in trouble with law enforcement. Fines, jail time and probation-usually some combination of the three-are often the result of being accused and convicted of a DWI charge in the state. There is also the possibility of being sentenced to spending time in a substance abuse treatment center; this is exactly what happened in the recent sentencing of famed country singer Randy Travis.

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