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January 2013 Archives

Covington fireman gets 30 years for rape

A man who was originally facing a life sentence behind bars was recently able to plead guilty to a lesser charge, therefore, receiving a reduced sentence. The man, who is a 29-year-old now-former firefighter for Covington, Louisiana, pleaded guilty to a charge of forcible rape following the alleged sex crime.

Tire company's employee gets prison time for fraud

A 48-year-old man from Zachary, Louisiana, admitted that he used his powers as the chief accounting officer at a local tire company to steal a substantial amount of money. After admitting guilt in court to one fraud charge, he will spend over four years behind bars.

Bus driver arrested after allegedly driving drunk

Parents living in Louisiana may be shocked to find out that a school bus driver was recently arrested. According to authorities, the man was drinking and driving while transporting students to school. If the man is proven guilty in this case, it is likely that he will receive a severe sentence.

Alleged relationship between teacher, student at Eunice school

A high school teacher in Eunice, Louisiana, who resigned earlier last month was recently arrested by Eunice police. According to reports, she has been accused of a crime: records indicate that she has been charged with prohibited sexual contact between an educator and a student. The former English teacher at Eunice High School turned herself into police and was later released after her $2,500 bond was posted.

Louisiana man charged with dealing wily drug

A man from Metairie, Louisiana, was recently taken into custody by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. The 33-year-old was slapped with drug charges after he was reportedly found to be dealing synthetic marijuana out of his home in the 200 block of Radiance Avenue. His charges were not made until about a month after the purported products were found in his home.

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