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December 2012 Archives

Ex-boyfriend convicted of shooting and killing new boyfriend

An altercation between a 39-year-old man and his former girlfriend in New Orleans allegedly led to the death of her new boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend, from Metairie, Louisiana, was accused of a felony charge associated with the new boyfriend's death: second-degree murder. The man was found guilty and was recently sentenced to life in prison.

NTSB suggests ignition interlock laws for all states

Seventeen states, including Louisiana, already have ignition interlock device laws for those who are caught driving under the influence. In these states, even first-time drinking and driving offenders are required to have these devices installed.

Man charged with odometer tampering, receives conviction

A Louisiana man was recently sentenced to prison for nearly two years, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. That release indicated that the man had been selling used vehicles when a fraud charge was filed against him. Accusations against the used car dealer alleged that he was purchasing vehicles and rolling the odometers back to trick potential customers into believing that less miles were on the vehicle than there actually were.

Three men in court on charges related to Deepwater Horizon

The country's worst oil spill is back in the news now that indictments, settlements and trials have been initiated. According to reports, three men-two site leaders at Deepwater Horizon and a former executive-have been accused of felony charges. Each of them pleaded not guilty and will be fighting the charges that have been brought against them.

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