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November 2012 Archives

Louisiana State police hope for zero fatalities during December

The safety of the roadways comes into question each year around the holiday season. Despite the increased likelihood for drinking and driving, Louisiana State Police are still holding strong to the same goal they have been pursuing for years: zero fatal accidents between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What that likely means is an increase in the number of DUI or DWI tickets issued as police increase their pursuit of drunk drivers and issue more citations in an effort to reduce the number of alcohol related crashes.

Police accuse city official, bank officer of crimes

Two women have been taken into custody by the Clinton Police Department. According to authorities there, the women, who were 62 and 66 years old, were committing white collar crimes such as money laundering, racketeering and fraud. The 66-year-old woman was the program manager for the Clinton Main Street program. The 62-year-old was an officer at Landmark Bank.

Crimes after a bond release may result in more jail time

When a person is arrested and taken to jail, she or he is usually able to be released if a bond is made. Bond costs vary widely and depend on the crime allegedly committed and the discretion of the judge whose duty it is to determine such figures.

New Orleans police crackdown on drinking and driving

According to experts, getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is more acceptable in Louisiana than it is in other states. The state's culture incorporates alcohol into many social occasions and, because of this, the state has the fourth-highest number of fatalities attributed to drinking and driving. Data shows that roughly half of the approximately 700 fatalities that occur in the state each year are associated with alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents. The national rate is much lower-about one in three fatalities are caused by impaired driving.

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