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July 2012 Archives

Two women die after 16-year-old reportedly loses control

According to authorities, a 16-year-old male is at fault in the deaths of two women, ages 38 and 48. The teenager is from Sulphur, Louisiana, and was traveling out of state to compete in the National High Schools Finals Rodeo. He had been named the 2012 Louisiana High School Rodeo Reserve Champion. At the time of the accident, the 16-year-old was reportedly driving a 2003 Volvo pulling a horse trailer. Around 6:30 a.m., the vehicle drifted off the road and killed the two women who were changing a flat tire on the side of the road.

Disappearance of woman results in murder charge for man

A 33-year-old man listed on Louisiana's sex offender registry has been taken into custody. Criminal charges of first-degree murder of first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping have been filed against the man from Church Point, Louisiana. According to the authorities, they believe he is responsible for the disappearance and death of a female college student. Bond for the aggravated kidnapping charge was set at $250,000 while no bond was set for the murder charge.

Dentist sentenced after allegedly defrauding Medicaid

A former dentist from Shreveport, Louisiana, has been sentenced by a state district judge. The 56-year-old dentist was given five years of probation in conjunction with two years of home incarceration for allegedly defrauding the state's Medicaid system. The two fraud charges he was found guilty of in January will also see the man performing 300 hours of community service along with making payments on a $1,000 fine and a restitution fee of $1,100.

New law will require sex offenders to post crimes on websites

A bill recently passed and signed into law by the Louisiana Legislator hopes to make the Internet safer for potential victims of convicted sex offenders. According to the law, individuals that have been convicted of sex crimes will be forced to post their crimes on any and all social networking sites they use. The measure hopes that the disclosure of such information will warn other people that interact with the individual over the Internet.

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