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May 2012 Archives

Louisiana woman charged with embezzling from non-profit employer

A Louisiana woman has been charged with embezzling more than $245,000 from a Metairie-based non-profit organization where she was the chief financial officer for several years, according to an announcement by the U.S. Attorney's Office. The 38-year-old suspect is accused of embezzlement through the forging of checks from her employer, which was not named by the prosecutor's office. The corporation is said to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Baton Rouge: New bill bans use of social media by sex-offenders

Social media is all the rage these days with Facebook making its initial public offering, which dominated much of the press and online media over the weekend, however now participating on social media sites may be illegal for some Louisiana citizens. House Bill 620 was passed by the House last week in a 93-0 vote and is expected to be signed into law by Louisiana State Governor, Bobby Jindal.

Louisiana: Bill allows 20 percent fee added to misdemeanor fines

The Louisiana State legislature's Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice unanimously supported Senate Bill 68 last week. The bill, which already passed the Louisiana State Senate, now heads to the House for final approval. The bill authorizes state prosecutors to levy a 20 percent collection fee on fines and fees that go unpaid by those convicted of a misdemeanor. Current state law only allows for adding a 20 percent surcharge for collecting on fines and fees related to convictions for felonies, but not for misdemeanors.

Former Louisiana State footballers sued over assault allegations

Two former Louisiana State University football players who were accused of assaulting four men last August are being sued in a Baton Rouge civil court, even though the charges were reduced for one player and dismissed for the other. Four men allege they were assaulted without provocation outside a bar in late August. The two LSU students were arrested on second-degree battery charges in the incident. An East Baton Rouge grand jury reduced the charges against one player to simple battery and dropped the charges against the other player.

DWI bill passes committee heading to Louisiana Senate floor

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, residents get ready to spend 48 hours in jail if you are convicted of a DWI in the state. A new bill introduced by Louisiana Senator Jonathan Perry was advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is heading to the Senate floor. The bill guarantees a 48-hour jail sentence if you are convicted of drinking and driving, even for first time offenders.

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