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April 2012 Archives

Bill passes Louisiana House bringing hope for habitual offenders

The Louisiana House passed a bill that would allow inmates considered habitual offenders serving a life sentence the possibility of parole, according to Baton Rouge State Representative Patricia Smith. The bill, which passed the House by an 86-7 vote, brings hope for inmates convicted of "victimless" crimes, such as repeat theft or drug charges and who have been sentenced to life in prison. It would not apply to those convicted of violent crimes or sex offenses, however.

Accountant accused of embezzling from Baton Rouge Area Chamber

An official from the Baton Rouge Area Chamber was suspicious of some unauthorized credit card charges on the non-profit's account and contacted the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office to investigate. Detectives said a 40-year-old hired by an accounting agency to work for the chamber has now been accused of embezzlement by making more than $41,000 worth of unauthorized purchases on a credit card issued to her by the chamber.

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