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Louisiana criminal defense: Domestic dispute leads to arrest

Police in Louisiana have arrested a man following a domestic dispute. This individual is accused of trying to run over his dating partner and her children with is car -- among other actions. With the severity of the charges filed against him, how his criminal defense is presented could make or break his case.

On Sunday, Jan. 14, at approximately 1 a.m., a 61-year-old male got into a fight with his significant other. After he supposedly physically attacked her, she took her three children from the home. He is said to have followed them to a nearby restaurant where they were standing outside. He allegedly tried to hit them with his car several times before police were called and he was arrested.

Louisiana drug charges: cocaine

Louisiana, to many, is known as a party state -- think Mardi Gras. While the state may be lenient on some things, when it comes to being accused of cocaine-related drug charges, don't expect much leniency. The cocaine problem in the state is significant, and it is one that lawmakers and law enforcement officials would like to get under control.

Cocaine-related offenses can be broken down into three different categories. These are possession, sale and trafficking. All carry stiff penalties if one is convicted. Current penalties according to state laws are:

  • Possession: Incarceration of five to 60 years. Depending on amount in possession, hard labor may be required and fines ranging from $5,000 to $600,000.
  • Sales: Incarceration of five to 30 years, hard labor or fines up to $50,000. Penalties increase if drugs are sold to a minor.
  • Trafficking: Incarceration of 40 to 99 years with hard labor, no parole and fines up to $500,000.

Can police arrest someone with a BAC less than 0.08 percent?

Blood alcohol content is the metric used by police to determine if a person who has consumed alcohol is a danger on the road. Most states, including Louisiana, have set this limit at 0.08 percent. Although there are a variety of factors that impact a person's BAC, most people will be over the limit after consuming three or four drinks in an evening. 

Stories come out once in a while of police arresting someone for DWI even though the driver had a BAC less than 0.08 percent. This is legal, and the police have very good reasons for arresting someone with a BAC less than the mandated one. 

Louisiana criminal defense: Brandishing a firearm

The ability to carry a concealed weapon is a right offered to those who go through the process of obtaining the proper permit. While having this permit allows them to bring their weapons virtually anywhere, it does not give them the right to show off their gun or use it to threaten others. Many good and responsible gun owners in the state of Louisiana may find themselves in need of a criminal defense if they do not abide by the conceal carry laws.

Putting a hand on the grip of one's gun or sweeping a shirt back to show off a weapon: These are things often seen on television or in movies. It is a way to intimidate another person. In real life, these actions may be considered threats and could result in one being criminally charged even is the gun was never pulled or fired.

Baton Rouge violent crimes: Man arrested after fight

Police in Baton Rouge were called to break up a fight that started on Christmas Eve on Bluewater Drive. One person was ultimately arrested and is now facing attempted murder, weapons, and property damage charges. Violent crimes of this nature are not treated lightly in criminal court. As such, the accused deserves the best criminal defense available to him.

According to reports, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office responded to a call about a street brawl. When they arrived on scene at roughly 11 p.m., they found that two males had been shot and required medical attention. Both victims -- ages 22 and 14 -- were transported to a medical facility in order to receive care for non life-threatening injuries.

How does Louisiana treat an ID theft charge?

Identity theft comes in so many different forms these days. The schemes to take others' identities keep evolving, and some are actually quite complex. With the damage identity theft does to its victims, the state of Louisiana has taken a tough stance on this type of crime. Anyone facing an ID theft charge could face serious consequences if prosecuting attorneys are able to achieve a conviction. 

Identity theft is defined as taking another person's identifying information for the purpose of using it for one's own financial gain. Examples of such information include date of birth, Social Security number and driver's license number. What one does with this information and how badly hurt the victim is will be determining factors in how one is treated if convicted.

Drinking and driving more prevalent certain times of the year

Louisiana sees its fair share of drunk drivers every single day. Drinking and driving is common, but it is certainly more prevalent at certain times of the year. Over Christmas, New Year's and other holidays, for example, the state sees quite a few DUI-related accidents and arrests.

There are generally two reasons why people tend to drink more around holidays: celebration or depression. Regardless of why a person chooses to drink, it is up to him or her to choose to refrain from driving. Planning ahead, or having a designated driver or other way home already set up is always a good thing.

Petty theft is a misdemeanor offense

Many Louisiana residents may be confused about the different types of theft that are recognized under state law and how they are treated by law enforcement officials. Petty theft, for example, is a relatively minor crime that is classified as a misdemeanor offense. That is the overall gist of it. There is a whole lot more to know about petty theft, which will be covered in this week's column.

Theft, by definition, is taking something that belongs to someone else. Pretty simple. However, when it comes to how theft charges are filed, it all comes down to what was taken, the circumstances of the event and, most importantly, the value of the property that was stolen.

Drug convictions in Louisiana can bring harsh sentences

The state of Louisiana has a mixed history when it comes to convictions for drug crimes. The state's legislature has passed reforms that change the sentencing for convictions in drug crimes, in particular for heroin. 

Heroin is part of the opioid class of drugs that make up the major epidemic sweeping the entire country. Therefore, drug charges for opioid possession and sale are becoming increasingly common throughout the country. If law enforcement has found you in possession of drugs, including opioids such as heroin or illegally obtained prescription painkillers, it is important for you to understand your next steps and the potential penalties for your charges.

Louisiana criminal defense: Man accused of assaulting 2 officers

Police in Louisiana arrested a man who allegedly assaulted two of their own. This incident is said to have taken place near the end of November in Jefferson Parish. The accused is now facing serious charges and deserves the best criminal defense available to him.

According to a recent news report, police were called to a residence in Marrero after a fight broke out. When the deputies arrived, a 29-year-old male is said to have slapped one officer and punched another. Authorities claim that this individual even placed one of the deputies in a chokehold. A Taser was eventually deployed in order to subdue the man.

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