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Drug charges isued after 20 lbs of marijuana found during stop

Over $4,000 in cash and over 20 pounds of marijuana were allegedly discovered during a recent traffic stop. According to deputies from the Metro Division of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, this led to drug charges being filed against three suspects. The accused were traveling in two separate cars and drew attention to themselves by with a couple of minor traffic infractions.

Those convicted on drug charges soon eligible for food stamps

For some offenders, getting back into society after spending time in jail is an uphill battle. Those who have been convicted on drug charges and sentenced to jail are often denied public benefits that would help them to get back on their feet. In Louisiana, for example, drug felons sentenced to prison were once banned from receiving food stamps for a year after their release from custody. According to one criminologist, this ban was a major obstacle for those who were genuinely trying to re-enter the community.

Prosecutors may drop drug charges in over 21,000 cases

Prosecutors in one state have moved to throw out convictions in over 21,000 drug cases after it was discovered that some of the evidence had been tainted. This comes five years after a chemist at the drug lab was caught falsifying test results and tampering with the evidence. District attorneys in seven different counties have been asked to produce a list of which cases they would still be willing to prosecute on the drug charges in which that chemist was involved. Drug charges can be a serious accusation in Louisiana.

18 indicted for heroin drug trafficking conspiracy

A 39-page federal indictment has been unsealed against 18 different defendants in a case known as "Operation Dirty Bird."  The investigation is said to have been undertaken by federal investigators who were working with state and local law enforcement. Operation Dirty Bird is reported to reference a large scale drug trafficking conspiracy. It is based out of the state of Louisiana.

Clearing up questions about medical marijuana in Louisiana

In May 2016, Louisiana passed a law legalizing certain kinds of medical marijuana in narrow circumstances. Since this law has passed, many Louisiana citizens are wondering what the specific distinctions are between possession of legal medical marijuana and a misdemeanor or felony possession charge. Here is an overview of the medical marijuana law, criminal possession laws and what to do if you are charged.

Dealing with drug trafficking charges

Drug laws in the United States have become strict as the government continues to try and control the production, transportation and marketing of banned substances. The exact punishment for drug offenses depends on the type and quantity of drug you are caught with. The most common forms include marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

How social media can negatively affect you after a drug arrest

If you are like many people, you are active on at least one social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are just four of the most popular. Needless to say, the list is growing, but your love for social media could end up hurting you if you are arrested on suspicion of any crime, including drug crimes.

Do drug dogs on private property need a warrant?

Dogs have been used in military and law enforcement to detect bombs and drugs for many years. Dogs have excellent sniffing capabilities, allowing them to identify explosives, marijuana and even cadavers. Of course, as police departments used this "technology" to discover illegal activity, the laws had to keep up. The real question about using drug dogs to detect illicit substances is not whether using the dog is legal or not, it is in how the search is conducted.

Are police drug tests reliable?

Despite all the talk about legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana usage across the country, the war on drugs is still in full effect. States like Colorado, Washington and now California have deregulated that particular drug on the state level, but it remains a federal crime to possess or distribute it. It's not just marijuana that's in frequent use, though. Other drugs like heroin and methamphetamines are seeing frequent arrests across the country and in Louisiana.

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