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Misdemeanor charges filed in large puppy mill case

Officials in Jefferson Parish seized 72 dogs during an ongoing investigation of animal cruelty within an alleged puppy mill. The animals were found in two different houses where American bully dogs were being sold. There are six defendants in the case, all facing dozens of misdemeanor charges. Purportedly, the accused sell these puppies from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

According to authorities, there were 48 dogs taken from the first house. Thirty-three of them were breeding females, which is reportedly a federal violation.The animals in the second house were said to be held in horrible conditions with little water or food. Medical care was also improvised, according to the report, with the suspects giving shots, antibiotics and sedatives, and cutting the tails and ears of the puppies.

Police: drunk driver arrested trying to bail out drunk driver

A Louisiana woman was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. In an unusual twist, she was in the process of attempting to post bail for her friend. Police claim the friend was a drunk driver as well, having been arrested and incarcerated about an hour before the woman made her way to help. 

The police say that a car full of intoxicated people were pulled over earlier on the same night. During that traffic stop, police arrested the driver for suspicion of DUI and took him to the station. The passengers were allowed to catch a ride home in a cab, and the car that they were riding in was impounded. An hour later, one of the passengers allegedly decided to retrieve the car and drive to the station to get her friend released from custody.

Could social media hurt your drug charges defense?

If you are fighting a drug charge (or if you could face a drug charge), it is important to use social media wisely. Unfortunately, even innocent posts are easy to misinterpret and could end up hurting you.

For example, you could have posted a status update joking about getting high. However, authorities or someone in your friends circle might take the update seriously, and it could find its way to prosecutors.

Man arrested for DUI, injuring deputy

A man has been arrested after police claim that one of their own was injured due to the man's impaired driving. A 29-year-old man from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been accused of DUI after a deputy suffered moderate injuries in a crash allegedly involving the accused. The officer was alongside the road, helping with another accident when the crash occurred.

According to the report, a deputy had pulled over onto the shoulder of the road and turned on his caution lights. He was standing by his car, retrieving a first aid kit to help with a hit-and-run accident that had just occurred. While he was parked there, the accused allegedly slammed into the car in front of him and then slammed into the deputy's car. The cruiser was thrown across three lanes of traffic and stopped on the shoulder.

Drug charges isued after 20 lbs of marijuana found during stop

Over $4,000 in cash and over 20 pounds of marijuana were allegedly discovered during a recent traffic stop. According to deputies from the Metro Division of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, this led to drug charges being filed against three suspects. The accused were traveling in two separate cars and drew attention to themselves by with a couple of minor traffic infractions.

The report states that deputies pulled the first driver over for operating the vehicle with only the parking lights on. The second vehicle was pulled over because it was following the first car too closely. As the deputies approached the second car, they smelled a strong odor of marijuana, according to their statements. The two women in the second car were then informed of why they had been pulled over.

Purse snatchers face ID theft charge and more

Four people have been arrested and charged with several different crimes in a series of purse snatchings that have occurred in one city. Along being charged with the act of grabbing the pocketbooks of several women, these people also face theft, unauthorized use of an access card, theft from an aged person, and an ID theft charge. The four suspects are accused of committing these crimes in Louisiana shopping centers and stores.

After stealing the victims' purses, the suspects purportedly used the credit cards out of the purses to purchase gas, food and gift cards. It was reported that, at times, the accused would snatch the entire purse, but at other times, they slipped the wallet out of the purse while the victim was otherwise occupied. All of the victims were women aged 56 to 87.

Those convicted on drug charges soon eligible for food stamps

For some offenders, getting back into society after spending time in jail is an uphill battle. Those who have been convicted on drug charges and sentenced to jail are often denied public benefits that would help them to get back on their feet. In Louisiana, for example, drug felons sentenced to prison were once banned from receiving food stamps for a year after their release from custody. According to one criminologist, this ban was a major obstacle for those who were genuinely trying to re-enter the community.

The criminologist feels that many drug users who are released from prison could make it if they had the right programs and treatment. Yet, the state incarcerates more citizens per capita than any other. This is believed to be because so many of the prisoners re-offend soon after getting out of prison. Some feel that this would not be the case if they were offered help to gain their footing.

3 ways to document your lost income after a car accident

If you suffer an injury in a car accident and are unable to work, you might be worried about how you are going to make it. You should know that in addition to seeking compensation for medical costs and pain and suffering, you can also recover lost income.

Your opportunity to be reimbursed for lost wages depends on your insurance and the documentation you have. Collecting these three types of documentation can help provide evidence for your lost wages in Louisiana.

13 football players' felony charge reduced, could be dropped

Thirteen football players were relieved to learn that the criminal charges against them would be reduced and could possibly be dropped. Each of the University of Louisiana players had a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. The charges were lowered to criminal mischief from conspiracy to commit felony theft. The players have agreed to enter a pre-trial diversion program.

If they all complete the program, the new charges against them may be dropped. Their arrests stem from allegations that they all participated in removing the possessions of a former player from his room. That player had been kicked off of the team and arrested on second-degree rape charges.

Misdemeanor ordinance causes drop in marijuana arrests

A recent ordinance has resulted in a drop in the number of arrests made for possession of marijuana in the state. Those who are caught with a misdemeanor amount of the drug in New Orleans, Louisiana, can now be given citations and fines instead of facing time in jail. Since the ordinance was passed last summer, the NOPD has issued an average of four citations daily.

Over 3,000 people were arrested and placed in jail in 2009 for simple possession of marijuana in the city, an average of nine people per day. In 2010, a policy was enacted that allowed police officers to choose to issue a citation for simple possession instead of placing the person under arrest. Since then, the punishment for this crime has been lessened, and the newest ordinance results in even less daily arrests. On average, four people a day are issued citations, and one person per day is arrested.

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